Wilton Library and Wilton Historical Society Present Scholarly Series


however, Ford became a darker, yet darker presence, stoking fascism and anti-Semitism, while provoking bitter labor disputes at his company. It became sadly obvious that Henry Ford’s success in the benevolent economy had never really been his. Liberal thinking in business, revolutionary ideas and populist attitudes had all come from someone else: James Couzens. He was kicked out of Ford Motor in 1919 and on either side of his departure were before and after pictures of Henry Ford as a people’s hero. Julie M. Fenster is an author and historian. She has written numerous books on American history, including two with a direct connection to Connecticut: the award-winning Ether Day, which describes the uncoordinated efforts of Horace Wells of Hartford and two Boston men to develop the first anesthetic surgical; and the New York Times bestseller Parish Priest, a biography of Father Michael McGivney, who founded the Knights of Columbus in New Haven. The moderator is Stephen Hudspeth. This program is sponsored by Moira and Kevin Craw and hosted virtually by the Wilton Historical Society.

Sunday, April 3, 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

Mark Zuckerberg: Poster Child for Promise and Peril in the Tech Sector – Dr Drew Harris

In this show, Professor Drew Harris will discuss Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. “College dropout becomes billionaire” is the story of great hope for many would-be entrepreneurs. Its flagship product, Facebook, has provided vital social connections to billions of people, but it is also at the heart of public controversies ranging from exploitation of personal data to the rapid and widespread spread of misinformation and conspiracy paranoia. As we launch into the Metaverse (Zuckerberg’s latest venture), let’s take a look at Zuckerberg, his leadership as a tech mogul, and the implications for business and society. Drew Harris, Ph.D., professor of management and organization, teaches entrepreneurship, business strategy and leadership. He directs CCSU’s entrepreneurship program. Previously, Dr. Harris taught at New York University’s Stern School of Business, Teacher’s College, Columbia. University, the College of Business and Economics at Longwood University and the College of Business Administration at Fairleigh Dickinson University. senior, Drew was owner and president of HAAS Partners, Ltd., a management consulting firm, and held information systems positions at Arthur Young & Company, Morris Decision Systems, Harper & Row, and Digital Systems of Florida. . He and his wife, Teresa Twomey, currently provide consulting and training services on improving organizational performance and success for new and established businesses. The moderator is Max Gabrielson. This program is sponsored by Elaine Tai-Lauria and Phil Lauria and hosted virtually by Wilton Library.

Sunday, April 24, 4 p.m. – 5 p.m.

The Perils of Great Men, Business, Ideology and Capitalism Questions – Dr. Matthew Warshauer

In the final “capstone” lecture of the series, Dr. Matthew Warshauer, professor of history at Central Connecticut State University, will bring together some of the important questions raised by speakers in the series. All revolve around the role of “tycoons” in American society, that their views of business align with the benefits for workers and the people. Essentially, do the major capitalists in the country “owe” society anything? Dr. Warshauer has completed his Ph.D. (1997) in American Studies at Saint Louis University. He joined the faculty of CCSU in the fall of 1997 and served as editor of Connecticut


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