V-Con: Critical minerals – nations fight for economic recovery, new battery technology and supply chain security


V-Con is Stockhead’s investment-focused video conference series, bringing you expert insight, panel discussions, and presentations from leading analysts, listed small caps and industry players.

This latest videoconference focuses on critical minerals.

Critical minerals are metals and non-metals vital to economic and national security, but they are vulnerable to supply chain disruptions and geopolitical issues.

And they are used in the manufacture of products such as cell phones, flat screens, wind turbines, electric cars, and solar panels.

Critical minerals include rare earth elements (REE), platinum group elements (EGP) including platinum and palladium, cobalt, manganese, lithium, vanadium and nickel, just to name only a few.

Rare earths are essential in magnet technologies because they reduce electrical components and improve their efficiency, which has boosted the demand for wind turbines and EV transmissions.

Manganese is used in the production of batteries and steel, and the forecast drop in demand is due to the global economic recovery, especially in China.

Then there’s the lithium industry, which is vital for electric vehicle battery technology alone and should be worth it. $ 400 billion worldwide by 2030.

And the prices go up. Benchmark’s EXW China lithium carbonate (battery) price increased 313.33% since this time last year, reaching 185,000 RMB / ton ($ 28,675) in mid-October.

Global demand is expected to grow exponentially over the next few decades, and prices are expected to continue their upward trajectory as countries compete for the security of the supply chain for essential minerals.

Interview with a panel of experts

Sky News and CNBC business reporter Oriel Morrison interviews Dr Chris Baker of Bridge Street Capital and Guy Le Page of RM Capital.

Bridge Street Capital Partners is a Sydney-based business advisory firm focused on the equity market, mergers and acquisitions and major investment transactions. RM Capital is an Australia-based, internationally focused corporate finance company specializing in the financing and management of emerging companies in the resource sector.

Session 1 – Interviews and company presentations

Peak Resources Ltd (ASX: PEK)
Bardin Davis, Managing Director

Peak Resources is well positioned to become one of the world’s cheapest and fully integrated rare earth producers through the development of its integrated Ngualla-Teesside rare earth projects.

Black Canyon Ltd (ASX: BCA)
Brendan Cummins, Executive Director

Black Canyon is a manganese explorer with 100% owned and JV projects in WA. The company has an aggressive strategy to expand its recently defined resource of 15 Mt @ 11.3% Mn at Flanagan Bore.

Aruma Resources Ltd (ASX: AAJ)
Peter Schwann, Managing Director

Aruma Resources is an active lithium and gold exploration company drilling advanced projects in the Pilbara and Norseman areas of Western Australia.

Session 2 – Company presentations

Technology Metals Australia Ltd (ASX: TMT)
Peter Schwann, Managing Director

TMT is expanding its Murchison Technology High Purity Vanadium (+ Titanium) Metals Project in Midwest Washington to become a long-term, low-cost, stable critical mineral supplier.

Lake Resources Ltd (ASX: LKE)
Steve Promnitz, Managing Director

Lake Resources is developing a cleaner, purer lithium product (99.97% purity) to deliver higher battery performance and higher margins.

Critical Minerals Group
Scott Drelincourt, Managing Director

Critical Minerals Group is focused on the development and production of essential minerals required for energy storage, electric vehicles and renewable energy technologies to provide a renewable and sustainable future.

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