UOG collaborates with 17 universities for a conference on business, economics and computing | Guam Business


The School of Business and Public Administration at the University of Guam last Thursday and Friday hosted an opportunity for international research collaboration between 17 universities in Japan, Taiwan and China at the 16th Annual International Business Conference, economics and information technology, known as ICBEIT, the university announced in a press release.

A total of 109 participants attended virtually 31 presentations on research of common interest in the Asia-Pacific region related to accounting, marketing, strategic management, finance and economics.

“Research and knowledge – not only in medical science, but in the fields represented at this conference – bears witness to what the human mind and spirit can do to overcome the challenges we face and others we face. we still have to face the future,” said conference chair Maria Claret Ruane, a professor of economics at the University of Guam, in her opening remarks, according to the press release.

The pandemic inspired many of the projects featured, as researchers sought to find adaptive and innovative business and economic solutions.

A presentation showed the significant impact of live online sales demonstrations, known as “live commerce”, on Japanese consumers’ motivation to buy. Another presentation by UOG’s Professor Kevin Ho revealed how privacy concerns and misinformation during the pandemic have affected people’s perceptions of COVID-19 contact tracing technology.

Through the work of research teams under the leadership of agricultural economist Kuan-Ju Chen of UOG’s Cooperative Extension and Outreach Unit, UOG was able to contribute to two case studies on agricultural opportunities. ‘agro-entrepreneurship’ to produce whiskey and tea. Another UOG project has highlighted stressors for Pacific agricultural producers that can affect their mental health and local food production.

In its 16 years of promoting academic and cultural exchange, ICBEIT has created a new opportunity. The University of Guam and National Chung Hsing University, an agricultural school in Taiwan that has developed a foundation in agricultural science and technology research, will host the conference, which focuses on agricultural, community and economic development. It is tentatively scheduled for the end of September.

ICBEIT was organized in partnership with Nagoya University Graduate School of Economics, Center for Economic Research; Osaka Prefectural University Graduate School of Economics; and the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Graduate School of Management. It was co-sponsored by the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society for Economics at UOG and the Society for Economics at Osaka Prefectural University.


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