The UST Economics Society organizes a business congress


The UST Economics Society launched a virtual event from October 25-28, 2022, which aimed to empower young people to express their ideas and discover innovative solutions to economic challenges from people knowledgeable in the field. The event is centered on the theme “Achieving Equity in the Pursuit of Sustainable Growth”.

This virtual event is led by Gregory Mark Salameda, the Executive Vice President, and Justine Diokno, the UST Economics Society Vice President of Academic Affairs. In the first part of the event, a webinar was held in which the UST Economics Society invited two renowned economists.

Dr. Bernardo Malvar Villegas, visiting professor at IESE Business School in Barcelona, ​​professor at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UA&P) and research director at the Manila Research and Communication Center, spoke about the strategic plan for the Philippine economy. He provided a SWOT analysis of the Philippine economy, highlighting the country’s strength as resilient in weathering the many recessions that occur around the world.

Dr. Francis Mark Quimba, Senior Fellow at the Philippine Institute of Development Studies and Director of the APEC Philippine Centers for Studies Network, presented How the Philippines is doing to meet the Economic Community Vision 2025 of the ASEAN.

In the second part of the virtual event, the academic organization also organized contests exclusively for students of business economics at the University of Santo Tomas – a contest for the creation of informative videos and a Quiz bee for students freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. To formally close the event, an awards ceremony took place on Facebook Live on October 28, 2022.

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