The Ural Mining University will offer students double majors from 2022 – society & culture


YEKATERINBURG, December 24. / TASS /. From 2022, students at Ural State Mining University will be able to graduate with a double major. The new approach is due to strong employer demand for versatile specialists, as engineers often need to be able to competently quote or negotiate a contract, the USMU press service told TASS on Friday.

“Freshmen specializing in a number of fields of study, who enrolled at USMU in 2021, will receive two majors as part of a single educational program upon graduation. From 2022, this practice will be extended to students of all specializations and all profiles. <.. .> Additional skills for specific specialties have been developed based on employer demands and analysis of the potential workplace of a future graduate. That is, the university estimated that the skills in economics, human resources, etc. engineer, ”the university said.

The program is currently being tested on 150 out of 800 freshmen. In total, students will be offered 43 elective modules. For example, a “Ore Deposit Development” student may also specialize in the artistic treatment of jewelry. The university notes that it expects an increase in the demand for engineering specialties among applicants in connection with this new system.

“The demand for a new generation of engineers, multi-skilled specialists, comes from our main customers – large industrial companies. For example, it is very common that a company that deals with the adjustment and maintenance of equipment needs its employee, a person with an engineering background, to be able to quote or negotiate a contract. competently, that is, having certain skills and aptitudes in the field of economics. This is why we have launched modular pilot programs from this academic year. Students will be the first in Russia to receive a single degree with two majors, ”the university said, citing rector Alexey Dushin.

The Urals State Mining University was founded in 1914 as the Yekaterinburg Mining Institute, which was the first higher education institution in the Urals. In 106 years of history, the school has prepared more than 100,000 mining engineers to work for mining and geological exploration companies and industry research and design institutes.


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