The five megatrends shaping Australian agriculture



A new article published today by ABARES and CSIRO analyzes how five megatrends will influence Australia’s food and fiber industries in the years to come.

Released in the Inventory of megatrends that shape Australian agriculture, the article uses the latest data and research to examine the transformative changes underway within the agriculture industry and the opportunities and challenges they will bring.

“The article aims to help farmers, government and industry make informed decisions about an increasingly uncertain future,” said Acting Executive Director of ABARES, Jared Greenville.

The five megatrends are:

  • Growth tractor: three billion empowered consumers
  • Fractal Politics: Watch Out for the Dance of the Giants
  • More with less: the constant race to advantage
  • Cascading planetary risks: to come, ready or not
  • Disruptive technologies: opportunities for the brave.

“Each of the megatrends and sub-trends that we explore involves challenges and opportunities. While the full implications of these megatrends may take decades to manifest, it is useful to consider how we are positioned to respond to the changes ahead, ”said Greenville.

The article revealed that Australia‘s agricultural industry has key strengths, including positive estimates of long-term growth in key markets as well as productivity-driven growth, innovation and competitiveness driven by Marlet.

“Australian agriculture is well positioned, but it is essential that industry, government and communities have the tools and information they need to understand the risks and opportunities they face, so that they can create the future they want, ”said Greenville. “Well-informed decision making and risk management will remain at the heart of Australian agriculture and we hope this Insights article supports that process. “



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