Swoop Aero joins the elite of the World Economic Forum’s “Global Innovators”


After nearly two years of successive steps to develop its innovative drone delivery operations in Africa and around the world, Australian Swoop Aero has been inducted into the small coterie of companies that make up the World Economic Forum’s global community of innovators. .

Swoop Aero this week revealed its entry into the elite, invitation-only group of companies whose groundbreaking businesses are being leveraged to shape the World Economic Forum’s vision of how innovation should drive business and economic activity. . The company said its contributions to this collective thinking will come from its work designing and creating “a new layer of infrastructure that makes access to the sky seamless” through its diverse drone delivery operations.

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In entering the global community of innovators, Melbourne-based Swoop Aero will join a selection of what World Economic Forum officials consider the world’s most promising start-ups and scale-ups to lead the continuous technological and commercial innovation.

“We are thrilled to join the community of ‘Global Innovators’ at the Forum and to work alongside a group of like-minded, impact-driven organizations,” said Eric Peck, CEO of Swoop Aero. “As a global innovator, Swoop Aero will continue to pioneer the next giant leap in the way essential supplies and services are delivered, and build a new layer of infrastructure for society.”

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Recognition by what is arguably the world’s most elite private business organization – known to many simply as “Davos”, the site of its annual meeting of business personalities – comes in the wake of recurring operational expansion of Swoop Aero and the evolving sophistication of its drone delivery network. operations.

Since its inception in 2017 to explore efficient and sustainable ways to transport medicines to remote areas of Australia, Swoop Aero has expanded its concept of drone delivery globally, catching the attention of the World Economic Forum.

The company says it was the first in the world to deliver a vaccine by drone and has since made the transport of vaccines and other medical supplies a routine part of healthcare in the UK, Malawi, Democratic Republic Congo, Mozambique, Australia and New Zealand. In pursuit of its work, Swoop Aero has obtained approvals to operate beyond line-of-sight missions in 14 different countries.

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Last May, the company added another level of sophistication to its networks by gaining clearance from Australian regulators to fly its UAV flights on three different continents from a centralized command center in Melbourne. It has also diversified the types of payload it delivers, from medical supplies and e-commerce orders, to emergency and disaster response equipment and assets used by environmental groups. .

Verena Kuhn, head of the World Economic Forum’s global community of innovators, said the organization has high hopes for the various ways Swoop Aero should influence the continued development of the drone business.

“Swoop Aero will work alongside other innovators and industry leaders to drive the advancement and acceleration of drone technology for the benefit of the global community,” Kuhn said. “Swoop Aero will also contribute to the Forum’s platform to shape the future of mobility on initiatives such as sky drugs and aerospace and drones, and will also engage globally in the framework of the Forum’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Network.”

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