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Jeddah: An exhibition was launched Tuesday in Jeddah to support patients suffering from chronic diseases, showing local products and homemade products at the Jeddah Superdome under the patronage of Princess Adela bint Abdullah.

Organized by the National Home Health Care Foundation with the support of the General Entertainment Authority, the 21st edition of “Bisat Al Reeh”, an annual non-profit exhibition, is organized as part of Jeddah’s season activities.

Princess Adela, chairperson of the foundation’s board of directors, told Arab News: “The ‘Bisat Al-Reeh’ exhibition is the main source of income for the foundation which supports needy patients in ten different cities of the Kingdom. . We are very proud to have such a cultural and economic event with all these new and big brands coming together to support our goal.

The last edition saw the participation of more than 180 brands, including local handicrafts such as home accessories, jewelry, elegant decorations, food products and other items inspired by the Kingdom’s heritage.

Princess Adela said: “I always encourage Saudi brands to participate nevertheless, we are very proud that other brands are also participating (and) it gives them a chance to get to know each other… maybe develop business together and learn each other. ”

She added, “I would like to encourage the company to come and visit us. It is a very good cause. It is a humanitarian cause because it takes care of patients with chronic diseases, and it helps different businessmen to show their efforts and know more about what our society needs.

Locally and internationally renowned charities and arts businesses also participate in the exhibition.

(A photo by Huda Bashatah)

One of the highlights of this year’s exhibition is a set of collaborative and multi-faceted sculptures made by a group of artists.

The piece, titled “Ana Juz’a” – which translates to “I am part of” – allowed each of the artists to present their own artistic vision through a three-dimensional model, with each element displayed in a different location. in the exhibition space.

Renad Al-Demh, one of the volunteers at the event, told Arab News, “The artwork is a collaboration with the foundation. The 28 artists are mostly Saudis and Arabs and one is from the United States.

The sculptures presented at the exhibition depict humans, health, culture, beauty and the mottos of life.

Saudi calligrapher Ahmed Jeddawi, who presented his conceptual works at the exhibition, said: “As a calligrapher and a lover of conceptual works, through this art, I wanted to shed light on the concept of health and emptiness. and their significance as a blessing which many people may not recognize.

He added: “I chose to symbolize it by writing and abstracting the letters of the word ‘health’ in Arabic.”

(A photo by Huda Bashatah)

Some of the artwork evoked optimism and joy, some told stories of the Hijazi woman in the past, while others focused on depicting Saudi folk dances such as contemporary cubist paintings of men playing of the flute, which is one of the most widely used wind instruments. in the cities of Hijaz, often performed at festive events.

Each work has a QR code that visitors scan to learn more about the piece.

Abeer Qabbani, exhibition manager and vice president of the foundation, said the proceeds will be used to support the foundation’s programs and activities.

Qabbani added that the funds will be used for different services relating to the medical, emotional, psychological and social well-being of those who suffer from chronic diseases, their families and caregivers.

This year’s ‘Bisat Al-Reeh’ exhibition is open to women only from Tuesday to Friday, with families welcome on Saturday from 4.30pm to midnight daily.


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