QU and QFC team up to host fiscal policy conference


The College of Business and Economics at Qatar University (QU), in collaboration with the Qatar Financial Center (QFC), will organize the second conference on fiscal policy and sustainable development on September 20-21.

The conference will include the participation of researchers, in addition to finance and tax policy makers, from a number of universities and international institutions.
The conference brings together tax experts from around the world to discuss international tax reform and its impact on Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. It will examine tax reform in the GCC and global minimum tax, the introduction of value added tax or VAT, and tax compliance issues.
“The conference aims to achieve integration with the college’s efforts to serve the community and the national economy and will discuss financial and tax issues that may reflect on the economy in general and local and foreign investment in particular “said the dean of the College of Business and Economics. , said Professor Rana Sobh, hinting at plans to offer QU students a program specializing in taxation, possibly next year.
It is also part of the college’s efforts to conduct applied research that reflects the reality in which we live and to offer academic programs that correspond to the needs of the labor market.
Assistant Professor of Economics at QU, Dr. Mahmoud Abdellatif, program manager of the conference, said that this international event is part of the university’s desire to contribute to strengthening the trends of the GCC countries towards the economic diversification and keep pace with change. in fiscal and tax policies that contribute to achieving financial sustainability.
He said the importance of taxation comes in order to overcome the challenges of fluctuating oil and gas markets and deal with unstable global economic conditions.


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