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Scott Morrison has pledged his government will ensure economic recovery from the pandemic, saying this cannot be taken for granted. As he campaigns ahead of the federal election slated for early next year, the Prime Minister warned Australia faces many challenges and all kinds of headwinds. “It’s wonderful to see our cities reopen. It’s wonderful to see these borders fall before Christmas, it’s all great,” Morrison told reporters in Sydney on Thursday. “But that will not be enough to ensure that we truly secure this economic recovery.” He said a new analysis of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics based on job growth after the lockdown showed 280,000 jobs could be filled by the summer holiday season. The latest data from the National Skills Commission also shows that internet job vacancies have peaked in 13 years with 250,900 vacancies. “The jobs are there and we are looking to hire people to support these businesses because you cannot take the economic recovery for granted and my government will ensure that economic recovery,” Mr. Morrison said. But unions say it’s an empty promise if those jobs keep up with current workforce trends, with 60 percent of post-pandemic jobs insecure. “Many of these Christmas jobs will not go to our unemployed, but rather to workers who do not have enough hours in their current job to keep a roof over their heads,” said the president of CUTA, Michele O’Neil. Data on Wednesday showed wage growth in the September quarter returned to its pre-pandemic level of 2.2%, but remained well below inflation at 3%. “Real wages are falling,” Labor industrial relations spokesman Tony Burke told Sky News. He said people working in certain industries could experience a “sugar twist” over the summer due to a lack of manpower, especially as foreign students fail to arrive. “But all that’s going to happen is some people will get a bonus until the international students come in and the supply issue is resolved, and then their salaries will come down straight down,” he said. Yet several polls indicate that Australians are embarking on a spending spree as Christmas approaches. The Australian Retailers Association is forecasting pre-Christmas sales of $ 58.8 billion, an 11.3% increase from pre-pandemic levels. A survey of 1,010 Australians ordered by parcel delivery service CourierPlease found that 41%, or the equivalent of 8.2 million people, intended to make a purchase during this month’s Black Friday sales. -this. Another poll by financial comparison site Canstar also found that many intended to get a good deal on Black Friday. While he revealed that 64% of 1,026 people surveyed intended to cut spending on Christmas gifts this year, 19%, or 3.5 million people, plan to take advantage of low prices during Black Friday. Canstar’s Steve Mickenbecker said many Australians have a stock of savings after long lockdowns and are ready to open their wallets. , “he said. Associated Australian Press


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