Open border between Australia’s two biggest economic powers, great for business, says Flight Center MD – Travel Weekly


The Australian Managing Director of Flight Center Travel Group hailed the reopening of the New South Wales and Victorian-era border.

Under the new arrangement, fully vaccinated travelers from either state will not be required to be tested or self-quarantined to travel to New South Wales or Victoria.

James Kavanagh of FCTG said returning free interstate movement after more than six months of travel restrictions would mean a lot to large businesses and SMEs that were desperate to return to interstate commerce and recruiting.

“Sydney and Melbourne make up two-thirds of Australia‘s Golden Triangle, and reopening this two-way street is another cornerstone in rebuilding the country’s economic wall,” he said.

“To put it in context, NSW and Victoria accounted for 55% of the national economy’s share in 2019-2020.

“We have long argued that vaccinations are our path to freedom and it is happening. It’s an exciting time for businesses and business travelers as our two largest states emerge from lockdowns for what will hopefully be the last time.

Kavanagh said a recent FCTG investigation revealed how resilient SMEs in Melbourne and Sydney have been during the current lockdowns.

“More than a quarter have not been affected by the lockdowns at all, while 53% say they will focus on the rebound when the restrictions ease,” he said.

Of the 53% of SMBs that have been affected but will rebound from lockdowns, most will focus on growing their sales, scaling their customer offering, and reclaiming their internal resources to handle new sales. , according to the results of the survey.

Specifically, 42% of respondents say they will spend more time, budget, and resources selling new customers, marketing, or changing their sales model.

A fifth (20%) will focus primarily on changing or growing their product or service offering, while 19% will focus on getting resources back into the business, such as laid-off employees.

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