Norwich Society concerned about homes in Anglia Square


11:07 am February 17, 2022

A civic watchdog still has concerns about the proposed redesign of Anglia Square – but hopes the developer will address them before plans are tabled.

The Norwich Society was one of the organizations that opposed earlier plans to redevelop the mall.

After previous proposals for a £271million regeneration were rejected by Secretary of State Robert Jenrickdevelopers Weston Homes and site owners Columbia Threadneedle went back to the drawing board.

Secretary of State Robert Jenrick rejected initial proposals for Anglia Square.
– Credit: Aaron Chown/PA Archive/PA Images

The Norwich Society had praised the way a hinted 20-storey tower – a major bone of contention in the previous scheme – had been abandoned.

The developers presented the latest proposals at the end of last month, with the tallest building at eight floors.

Norwich Anglia Square proposals

An aerial image of the latest proposals for Anglia Square.
– Credit: Weston Homes

But the Norwich Society still has concerns about the number of houses on offer.

Developers want 1,100 homes, but the Norwich Society would instead see around 800 – the number the area is set for in Norwich City Council’s own local plan.

Michael Jordan, chair of the Norwich Society’s Strategic Planning and Transport Committee and its Anglia Square Task Force, said: “We remain committed to working constructively through this process in the search for a solution that could both improve the city and come to fruition.

A pop-up exhibition in Place Anglia to show the new development proposals for the area

Anglia Square in Norwich.
– Credit: Sonya Duncan

“Our main concern remains the volume of residential development that Weston Homes seems determined to carry out on the site, apparently for viability reasons.

“Weston Homes currently maintains that something in the order of 1,100 homes will be required for the program to be viable, but has so far provided absolutely no evidence to
justify this.

“The company strongly believes that the economics of this project should be exposed to greater public scrutiny now, given the damage that would result from excessive clutter.”

The company remains concerned that the architect’s modeling work shows blocks that “do not reflect the current scale and character of the buildings in this conservation area”.

Norwich Anglia Square proposals

An aerial image of the latest proposals for Anglia Square.
– Credit: Weston Homes

The organization says an “excessive” number of homes would also impact the quality of the “residential environment” that would be created.

Weston Homes is still working on the plans before submitting them to the city council around Easter.


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