Mother’s Sunday: Women, Church Servants, Society


It was the who’s who gathering in Opobo town, the seat of power of Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area of ​​Rivers State recently, when women in the area under the umbrella of the The Opobo Women’s Welfare Association (OWWA) unfurled drums to celebrate its 50th anniversary, as well as charting the path of progressive development for the ancient kingdom.
The occasion which took place at the King Jaja monument square in OPobo town began with fasting and prayers highlighting the achievements of the group since the establishment of the body, especially under the current administration headed by renowned pedagogue Amaopurubo Felicia Stephen Pepple. Some of the achievements include culverts, waiting rooms, construction of a post office, provision of a secondary school, a women’s handicraft center and a women’s conference hall, among others.
Others are scholarships for indigent students and pupils, the care of the less privileged, the maintenance of peace in the Kingdom, the renovation of the carpenters’ lodge, the equipment of the doctors’ quarters which says long on the group.
The organization whose purpose is to ensure the unity, progress and well-being of all women in Opopo, as well as to promote and maintain efficient services and harmony between women in the home and in the diaspora, has also worked to carry out useful projects beneficial to all Opopo. native.
The group has maintained the discipline, culture and tradition of Opobo as it affects everyone in the Kingdom who calls for the celebration of these unique mothers with the theme:
“Opopo women on the move for a better future,” as enshrined in Genesis 26:13.
The association, which was founded on August 17, 1971 by Madame Eugenia Kalaya Pepple MamaAyadede) together with Queen Rosabel Omoric Mac-Pepple, Madame Sussanah Epelle and others has contributed immensely in providing the necessary incentives in the Kingdom, immediately after the Nigeria Biafra the Cordon War in 1970.
Other than that; the group took the opportunity to launch its 200 million naira cold room, handicraft center and bakery building, where it thus brought it out of the rich cultural heritage, such as, tria, Asawo, Ereawo , titled Citizens; drumming competition by young men from various sections, melon peeling, Ukasi cutting and removing periwinkle from its shell, among others, thrilled the audience. Speaking at the event, the Opobo Monarch’s wife, Her Majesty, Queen Prudence Dandeson Jaja urged parents to instill better values ​​in their daughters, especially for domestic chores, such as sweeping cooking, peeling melon, removing periwinkle from its shell, cutting ukasi and washing clothes without supervision.
Queen Jaja called for training children educationally to enable them to achieve better exploits in life, instead of exposing them to social ills, such as prostitution, armed robbery, crime reduction , smoking illegal drugs and other negative traits that can spoil or make them. She described the girls as unique in all ratifications.
In an address on the occasion, Amaopuorubo President Felicia Stephen Pepple pointed out that the group which has become a force to be reckoned with has received support from current and past rulers of the kingdom to be able to achieve the goal. from the Association.
Pepple described the women as great service providers for the benefit of all in the region, where after fifty years of existence they were able to repair the dead market, minor repair at the health center, provision of a home economics laboratory, minor repair and equipment of the doctor’s residential pavilion, among others. She explained that “in these fifty years of existence, we have not deviated from the objectives, which is the main reason why the group was formed”.
According to her, “It is a pleasure for me today to say thank you on behalf of the group to all, especially to His Majesty King Dandeson Douglas Jaja, who despite their busy schedules found the time to ‘honor this milestone’, assuring that her administration would continue to maintain the Founding Mothers’ tents throughout the period”.
Meanwhile, Christian, Rivers State Traditional RulerS Council and Amanyanabo of Opobo His Majesty King Dandeson Douglas Jaja, the women, remain committed to their quest to build an equal kingdom of Opobo through love, peace, unity and carrying the other’s burden.
King Dandeson described the group as a catalyst for the development of society ensuring the willingness to support them whenever the occasion calls for it, which has attracted captains of industry tradition rules, the chairman of Opobo/Nkoro Local Government Area, Hon. Enyiada Cookey-Gam and members of her cabinet, security officers in the region, members of the clergy, holders of the university title of Opobo, women, various sections of the media and distinguished bursts, among others, the week-long occasion, which culminated with a Thanksgiving church service at St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Opobo City.

By: Bethel Tobie


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