Members want UG Economics Society to contribute to public discourse on trade issues



The establishment of the University of Guyana Economics Society is an initiative undertaken by the students of the faculty with the support of the faculty director and directors to foster a culture of intellectual discourse on business and economic issues in Guyana. and beyond.

One of the current objectives of the company is to develop a body of work on topical subjects that go beyond simple academic reading, explore them as matters of public interest.

UG Economics Society members Clive Constantin, Kimberley Samaroo and Said Khalil.

Part of the challenge associated with practicing economics as an academic discipline, the students say, is seeking to steer the experience towards a balance between understanding the orthodoxies of economics and gaining better knowledge. how the economy works in practice. . There are differences of opinion among students as to the extent to which their study programs strike this balance, although they all agree that what the Economics Society could do is provide them with platforms. public forms on which to express their views.

Society members Said Khalil, Kimberley Samaroo and Clive Constantin told Stabroek Business in an interview last week that their academic activities at the university must be relevant in the “real world” context. They say that as students they have opinions on economic and business issues and would be happy to be able to share them with society as a whole.

Constantin, a third-year student, told Stabroek Business that about 80% of university graduates leave Guyana and that while there is a need for economists in both the public and private sectors, the economy of the country was not growing fast enough to keep pace with graduation. rate at UG.

Society members say part of their goal is to explore media opportunities through which their views can be brought to the attention of the public.



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