Lanka Premier League 2022: Competition postponed as Sri Lanka is in economic crisis


Due to the escalating economic situation in Sri Lanka, the 2022 Lanka Premier League (LPL) has been postponed with immediate effect, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) announced on Sunday July 17. The dates for this were August 1 to August 22.

The SLC said the choice was made following a request from the organization in charge of the rights of the Lanka Premier League, Innovative Production Group FZE (IPG), which claimed that the current state of the economy did not lend itself to the event.

The SLC said in a statement, “This decision has been made by the SLC, following a request made by Innovative Production Group FZE (IPG), the rights holder of the Lanka Premier League, who cited the ‘situation economy’ in the country as not being conducive to the organization of the tournament.

Just before the protesters arrived, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the former president of Sri Lanka, left his home. According to The Hindu, Rajapaksa is currently under military protection in a “secure” location, according to a senior source who asked to remain anonymous.

Rajapaksa’s resignation, according to political scientist Jayadeva Uyangoda, was an important victory for the political struggle and the result of direct public action.

Leading the Lanka Premier League under the current circumstances is not a possibility for Sri Lanka Cricket

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Credit: India Today

Uyangoda said, “This is a major victory for the political struggle as even the political parties have found it very difficult to dislodge the Rajapaksas. It is the result of the direct action of citizens, and outside the realm of political parties.

“Only a bloody revolution could have achieved this in other contexts. People should be allowed to elect a new parliament that can change the Constitution to abolish the presidential system and restore democracy. This is the most important priority.

According to Uyangoda, there is no guarantee that a transitional or newly elected administration would be able to quickly resolve the country’s economic problems.

He used historical circumstances in Greece, Italy, Argentina, Zambia and Lebanon as an example. Before things become stable again, he warned that Sri Lanka must prepare for a period of political turmoil.

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