KANS will honor young scholars from the Islamic world


The Mustafa Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) has set up a science competition called KANS to bounce ideas around in the academic community. It addresses the problems of the Islamic world in different fields for scholars, researchers, innovators and scholars under the age of 45.

The award ceremony for this edition of the KANS Competition will be held on the sidelines of the 11th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition (INOTEX 2022) from May 10 to 13 at Pardis Technology Park in Tehran.

As one of the important events organized by MSTF, it aims to celebrate the achievements of young scholars in the Islamic world. Academics are trying to solve their countries’ persistent problems in different fields, he said.

Sohrabpour elaborates on the review of submissions by saying that each entrant sends in a three to five minute film about the idea, and the jury reviews it.

Noting that the finalists come from Iran, Bangladesh and Malaysia, he also added that the winners would be announced at a ceremony in six different areas on May 13.

He specifies that as for the first edition, some participants send their projects to the secretariat; however, in this series of KANS, some national and international institutions offer challenging programs for scholars.

Known as the KANS pavilions, they invite scientists and innovators from the Islamic world to take on challenges.

Sohrabpour said 13 pavilions provide 63 challenges. Institutes are encouraged to invest in the projects and ideas of young researchers and scientists.

In this edition, transport and the special field: mining and mineral industries are added to the competition.

The previous areas are Water, Environment & Energy; Health & MedTech; ICT; Economy, Banking & Finance.

During the conference, MSTF Executive Director Seyyed Ali Omrani explained the details of the event.

He said 658 submissions delivered from 25 countries namely Egypt, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Turkey, Russia, Nigeria, Malaysia, Iraq, Oman, Uzbekistan and Iran.

The top six winners will receive the KANS medal, a plaque of appreciation, a 30 gram gold badge and a sabbatical valued at $2,000. STEP & EISA said they also have special privileges to benefit from MSTF network platforms: STEP & EISA, he said.

He also named the researchers’ pavilions including National Science and Technology Park Pakistan (NSTP), Sultan Qaboos University (SQU), UNESCO Chair in Science and Technology Communication (UCCST), Islamic Network on Science and Technology Parks (INSTP), Universal Scientific Education and Research Network (USERN), World Science Foundation (WSF), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Standing Committee on Scientific Cooperation and Technology (COMSTECH) and International Center for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS).

It reported a total of 232 jobs in health and medical technologies, 229 jobs in many fields of water, environment and energy, and 31 jobs in the mining and mineral industry.

In addition, he explained that 47 works in the field of economics, banking and finance, 77 works in the field of ICT and 42 works in the field of transport were submitted for the competition.

He added that works are submitted by 25 countries, including Turkmenistan, Vietnam, Yemen, Kenya, Russia, Oman and Pakistan.

Pike See Cheah from Malaysia, Mohammad Ali Khayamian and Mehdi Maleki from Iran, Woei Jye Lau from Malaysia and Ripon Hore from Bangladesh will present their ideas at science cafes during the KANS side event of INOTEX 2022, it said. he declares.

He appointed the Zarrin Industrial and Mining Group as a co-partner for this edition of KANS.

On July 6, 2021, KANS 2021 called for submission. He said the deadline for submission was October 21 and the finalists would be announced in January 2022.

He also announced that a group of senior officials from Pakistan would attend the KANS award ceremony.

Emphasize the development of science and technology in the Islamic world by adopting a non-profit approach and maintaining complete independence in achieving its objectives. Revering the Holy Prophet (PBUH) and following Islamic teachings, the Mustafa Foundation (PSL) for Science and Technology (MSTF) honors scientists from the Islamic world and appreciates their efforts.


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