Interview with Australian Agriculture Minister David Littleproud, MP for Maranoa | Goondiwindi Argus



“The first thing I have to say is ‘sorry’.”

We are talking to the MP for Maranoa, and still Minister of Agriculture, David Littleproud.

It was yesterday morning. He was in Canberra, having already flown from Warwick the day before to meet the new Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison at Quilpie and Longreach.

Mr. Morrison wanted to “kick the dirt” and see the impact of the drought firsthand.

Mr Littleproud said it was a sign that the government and Mr Morrison, despite the “Canberra machinations”, were focusing on “delivery” for ordinary Australians.

“We have the two ‘D’s: delivery and discipline. We were very good at the delivery but the discipline speaks for itself. Australians are fed up and so am I. ”he said.

“As Tony Abbott said, it’s time for political assassination to end, and it’s time for those who think only of themselves to get high.

“Parliament doesn’t need them and neither do Australians in general.

Mr. Littleproud said politicians on both sides need to think about the “results” for their electorate and the country and end selfish political opportunism.

So can the Coalition hang on to the government?

“Yes, we have a real chance to fight. “

Once the government gets back to doing what it is “good for: that first word, delivery,” he said.

On Monday, he said he was “honored” to be invited to continue as Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources in the Morrison-McCormack government.

“I look forward to continuing to help farmers cope with drought and climate change and to help them plan for their recovery; working to gain access for our products to countries with which we have free trade agreements and those with which we do not, to address labor shortage issues and tell the story positive aspects of agriculture and rural Australia that the urban media unfortunately seem to miss.

“I look forward to working with Tasmanian Senator Richard Colbeck as Deputy Minister as we help build a stronger farming community,” he said.



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