International Conference of Architects in October



AFTER a decade, the International Conference of Architects (ICA) returns to Manila, Philippines, October 25-26, 2021, hosted by United Architects of the Philippines (UAP). Both local and foreign architects as well as aspirants to the architectural profession will participate in this event. It will be a rare opportunity to listen and learn from outstanding architects and other professionals who have contributed to architecture and society.

This two-day event will feature architectural research and technology, speakers from the APEC region, and even the awarding of new APEC architectural members. It will even also include professors linked to the profession.

There will be topics ranging from co-creating a post-pandemic world to how architects are responding to the call for leadership. There will also be some interesting discussions about architects who are bouncing back and getting involved in the midst of the global pandemic, called Architecture + Resilience. Finally, there will be topics on the New World Economy, expanding the opportunities for an architectural economy after the pandemic, to include adaptive reuse, lightweight architecture, telecommuting, and “small town” living.

The focus on involvement in nation-building will also take center stage as history professor Niall Ferguson further explains that there is no distinction between natural and man-made disasters. the man. That this global catastrophe has affected social networks affecting politics, culture and society. As stewards of the environment, architects must be good planners in creating policies that affect life and property. And that politics is the instrument of collective decisions involving not only architects but all those who are in the built and natural environment.

There are APEC economies – Australia, Canada, People’s Republic of China, Hong Kong China, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and United States of America – and other international architects outside the APEC member economies who will participate in this international conference. The first day will be a parade of these architects from APEC member economies with Arch. Medeliano Roldan, delivering his welcome speech as organizer. There will also be dignitaries giving their messages from the Professional Regulations Commission headed by the President of the PRC, the Hon. Teopilo S. Pilando Jr. and the Commissioner of the PRC, the Hon. Yolanda D. Reyes; Architectural Professional Regulatory Council Chairman Hon. Robert Sac, Integrated and Accredited Professional Organization of Architects National President of UAP Arch. Armando Eugene C. De Guzman, and the co-chair of the UAP Committee on Architects of APEC Arch. Prosperity C. Luis.

The opening speech will be none other than Foreign Secretary Teodoro L. Locsin Jr. APEC is a cooperative association of 21 regional economies, founded to promote economic and technical cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region. APEC is guided by the principles of the General Agreement on Trade and Services of the WTO (World Trade Agreement) for the progressive liberalization of trade and services through the reduction of regulatory restrictions, leading to reciprocal agreements between member economies, where applicable.

There will be other speakers like Arch. Dan Lichauco, arch. Dominique Galice and Arch. Cathy Saldana from the Philippines, Arch. Sinthuphan Chutayaves from Thailand, Arch. Vicente Guallart of Spain, Arch. Popo Danes from Indonesia, Arch. Roland Schnizer from Singapore and Arch. Jong-Ruhl Hahn from South Korea.

This event is organized by ICA Manila 2021 led by Arch. Antonio A. Valdez as General Chairman with members, Ma. Cynthia Y. Funk, Rebecca Vanessa DL Rellosa, Rene Richie A. Corcuera, Reymark C. Gardiola, Jonathan V. Manalad, Richard M. Garcia, Dante T. Aguirre , Felicisimo A. Tejuco jr., Jemmar A. Daguiso and Arsol S. Arcille. And Davies Paints is the main sponsor of this event. Supporting companies that contributed to this event are Techglobal Inc., Emerald Pipes, Vesbo Piping System, Stone Works, Karatula Marketing Inc., Holcim, Nippon Paints, Wilcon, Arrowbond, Otec Building Material Depot, Laurice Anne Aldrin Marc Copr. , HCG, Koten, Skybiz and Mega Pacific.

Camber. Benjamin K. Panganiban, Jr. is the former national president of United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and the first national president of Mindanao. He has been in private practice for over 34 years and is a Fellow of UAP. He is also the first architect of Asean and APEC in Davao City. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Mindanao, a Doctor Fellow of the Royal Institute of Architects in Singapore and a recipient of the European Business Assembly.



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