India needs incorruptible young minds for a better society: governor and chancellor


AMRITSAR: Hon’ble Governor of Punjab and Chancellor of Guru Nanak Dev University, Sh. Banwarilal Purohit said that India today needs incorruptible young men and women who will dedicate themselves to the service of society as a whole through individual activities.

It is possible to rise above corrupt temptations when developing frugal needs and placing oneself within the framework of Dharma, which means a good, cultivated, and meaningful way of life in which respect of others and elders, as well as of the country’s history and tradition is paramount. attributes. Young minds will think about this and shape their personality according to what Guru Nanak Dev Ji preached. He was giving a convening speech online at the 47th Annual Convocation of Guru Nanak Dev University.

On this occasion, S. Gurjit Singh Aujla, Member of Parliament honored the occasion and honored two eminent personalities, Indian interventional cardiologist, medical administrator, writer, Dr Tarlochan Singh Kler, President Pushpawati Singhania Hospital & Research Institute and former Director of Cardiac Sciences at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and contemporary Indian painter and graphic artist Ms. Arpana Caur were honored with an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Doctor of Philosophy, respectively from the Faculty of Visual Arts and performing arts. These two personalities were honored in recognition of their contribution in their respective fields. On this occasion, 225 Ph.D, 7 M.Phil, 99 Post-Graduate and 64 Under-Graduate were awarded to students from various faculties.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Jaspal Singh Sandhu welcomed the guest of honor and other dignitaries. Professor Karanjit Singh Kahlon, Registrar of the University coordinated the convocation. The Vice-Chancellor also honored the main guest and other guests with a souvenir on behalf of the University. Professor Hardeep Singh, Dean, Academic Affairs, presented the vote of thanks. A large number of eminent personalities, members of the Senate and of the University Union, Deans of Faculties, Members of the faculty, graduate students were present. Professor Anish Dua, Dean Student’s Welfare was also present.

Congratulating the graduates, researchers and recipients of awards and medals for their academic achievements, the Governor of Punjab online said that I stand before you to reiterate some basic philosophies or conclusions of experts in various fields related to the ‘education. The path to progress is illuminated by the lamp of education. Prosperity knocks on your door when members of society acquire the trump card of education. Shri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa used to say: “As long as I live, I learn so long”.

He said that universities, as reservoirs of knowledge and incubation centers for envoys of wisdom and philanthropy, play a notable role in streamlining different systems and schools of thought, whether in philosophy or in sociology, ethics or economics. In addition, universities awaken and instill in their learners tolerance and perseverance, conviction and autonomy. Students learn to have confidence in themselves and in others, and to have confidence in their essential abilities to take on life’s responsibilities and life’s challenges. I am sure that in this prestigious institution you have learned that the concern of each individual is not only to acquire the means for a decent life, but also something higher and nobler than mere material advancement. individual.

He said that an alliance of primary and higher education with technical education is expected to help achieve the goals of expansion, progression, advancement and distinction in education. This will not only improve the literacy rate, but also become a way to add values ​​of conformity, invention and modernization in society. Higher education, in fact, has the first potential to produce resourceful people able to fend for themselves. The most important output of higher education is the creation of graduates, postgraduates and doctorates who would contribute to the growth of society.

The governor said it is a matter of pride that Guru Nanak Dev University, over the past 50 years, has become an iconic wonder institution in higher education. The university imposes itself at the national and international levels in many fields. He said that a university can only develop successfully when research and teaching merge harmoniously. Therefore, GNDU has ensured the development and advancement of a collaborative environment conducive to learning, exposure to international best practices, and promotion of innovation and creativity. The university has become an important hub for imparting skills in education, training and entrepreneurial development to young people, women and marginalized groups in society.

He said it is indeed laudable that due to the efforts of the Vice-Chancellor and the whole fraternity today, this institution has grown into an organization leading to greater zeniths in universities as well as in sport. For its persistent efforts, the UGC has conferred upon it the status of a “university with potential for excellence” and obtained an “A ++” rating from the NAAC. It has also achieved “Category 1” status and GNDU is the only university to achieve this elite status in the Punjab and Chandigarh regions.

He said that when we talk about education we remember Swami Vivekananda who repeatedly stressed that the mere accumulation of information is not education but the transformation of character through the enlightened wisdom engendered by ‘education. The National Education Policy 2020 has taken special care to integrate the vision of Swami Vivekananda, emphasizes technical and vocational education, vocational and skills-based education, in order to educate young people to become autonomous in dignity, he added.

He said that the National Education Policy 2020 has also taken a big step in freeing education from the shackles of silos between science and the arts / humanities, making learning flexible, humanistic and geared towards making educated young people. noble citizens, good human beings. Our ancient spiritual texts explain the relationship between teacher and student and how the two are to grow together in the learning process.

Considering his vision for the future of the Indians, Sh. Banwarilal Purohit said that Swami Vivekananda once said: “What I want are muscles of iron and nerves of steel, within which resides a spirit of the same material as that from which lightning is made. I think this is fair enough a clue as to what the great Patriot Saint of India expected of us.

With the motto that education should be used for the good of all mankind, he said that Guru Nanak Dev University has given students excellent technical knowledge, skills and abilities and instilled in them the right attitude and skills. holistic values. Needless to say, this is a moment of immense happiness and contentment in your life as this day scripts the completion of one stage in your life and another is about to begin.

He said I’m sure the technical knowledge and expertise; The theoretical and practical skills and the values ​​that your prestigious institution has imbued in you will allow you to face the world with confidence and to face the challenges. I wish you all to follow in the footsteps of your renowned prototypes and achieve the high standards that are expected of you.

While appreciating the achievements of Guru Nanak Dev University, he said that this university is one of the best universities in North India. He wished the students a bright and prosperous future. I am sure, pillars of many horizons, intellectuals of knowledge and experience; administrators with exceptional abilities, part of your guiding force, must have left a special and indelible mark on your life, he added.

While congratulating the students, S. Gurjit Singh Aujla said that we should all encourage the culture of good health and better education for the growth of Punjab while remembering the teachings and the path indicated by Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji. He begged the students to make their best contribution to the overall growth of our society. On this occasion, Dr. Tarlochan Singh Kler and Ms. Arpana Caur also shared their life experiences with the students. They inspired the students to resect their parents and teachers and contribute to the development of the nation while keeping in mind the teachings of Sri Guru Nanak Dev University.

Prof. Sandhu briefed the main guest and others on the University’s activities and achievements in academics, research, culture and sports. Professor Jaspal Singh Sandhu also honored Dr Tarlochan Singh Kler and Ms Arpana Caur with Coffee Table Book on behalf of the University.

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