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Tiruchirappalli: IIM Tiruchirappalli led the International Conference on Markets and Development, 16th Biennial Conference of ISMD, International Society for Markets and Development from December 16 to December 18, 2021. The 3-day virtual conference featured 6 Roundtables with 32 participants from around the world engaging in discussions on multiple topics such as informal markets, commercialization and knowledge hierarchies. The conference brought together delegates and panelists from the Schulich School of Business, York University, Birmingham Business School, Royal Holloway University of London, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Loyola University Chicago, University of Glasgow, RMIT University, Australia, University of Helsinki, IIM Calcutta, IIM Indore and many other important institutions.

The inaugural ceremony held on December 16 began with the lighting of the lamp by IIM faculty members Trichy, including the director, Professor Pawan Kumar Singh, the dean of administration, the Professor Godwin Tennyson and the conference chairs, Professors Apoorv Khare and professors. Hari Sreekumar from the marketing department.

This was followed by an address by Professor Hari Sreekumar introducing the conference and highlighting the key themes of the conference. This was followed by a welcoming speech by the director, Professor Pawan Kumar Singh. He highlighted how the conference is designed to enrich students’ understanding by exploring the field of marketing in terms of both positive and normative economics and focusing on marketing that contributes to the general well-being of customers.

The opening speech of the conference took place the following day with the keynote speaker, Prof. Fuat Firat. He began his speech by referring to the first ISMD conference held in 1986 in Istanbul, Turkey, recalling all the members and the various presidents of ISMD. Calling the present “the era of the normalization of the absurd,” he noted that what would have been yesterday’s travesty is today’s normalcy. He then spoke about the erosion of democracy and the global domination of neoliberal ideologies where the economic interests of the powerful have superseded the interests of democracy. Noting that democracy was sold to businesses in first world countries, he argued that democracy was always a work in progress but never completed. He urged the public to examine the current state of wealth inequality and pollution, its overall effect on society, and what academics can do to reverse this crisis. He then spoke about the general disbelief in science among people and how new technologies have created environments that are not conducive to in-depth analysis and reflection on the information received. He noted that people who personalize and choose to receive information only on topics of interest to them have resulted in a loss of general knowledge about world affairs. He pointed out that if all information is stored on technology and not in human memory, it cannot be reflected, leading people to ignore what affects them and become easy to manipulate. Concluding his speech, he explained how marketers need to deliver the right information to humanity to stop the normalization of nonsense.

The closing ceremony held on December 18 began with Professor Hari Sreekumar announcing the winner of the Best Paper Award for the JMDI 2021 – Dr Chloe Preece for her article titled “Choose Your Own Future – Sociotechnical Imaginaries of virtual reality “.

The Journal’s founding co-editor, Dr Deniz Atik, thanked everyone on behalf of his co-editor, Dr Nikhilesh Dholakia, for supporting the journal throughout its existence. Additionally, Professor Fuat Firat, on behalf of the ISMD Board of Directors, announced the publication of a series of articles to honor the outstanding work of the journal’s editors.

ISMD 2021 Co-Chair Professor Apoorv Khare moved the vote of thanks.

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