Honesty, justice, duty and transparency – Archbishop reminds MPs of ‘essential pillars’ of society


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Honesty, justice, duty and transparency are the “essential pillars” of society, Bishop Charles Scicluna reminded new deputies on Saturday morning.

Celebrating Mass, which marked the official opening of Malta’s 14th Parliament, at St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Archbishop Scicluna reminded MPs and state officials present of Pope Francis’ first address in Malta , where he urged the country to continue to fight corruption and stop unbridled corruption and land speculation.

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He recalled the words of Pope Francis spoken at the Palace of the Grand Master on April 2: ““Honesty, justice, sense of duty and transparency are the essential pillars of a mature civil society. May your commitment to eliminate illegality and corruption be strong, like the north wind that sweeps the shores of this country.

Addressing MPs, Bishop Scicluna noted that the pope had shared “extraordinary” remarks on the politician’s mission, before quoting excerpts from Pope Francis’ third encyclical, Fratelli Tuttisubtitled “on fraternity and social friendship”.

In Fratelli TuttiPope Francis challenges us to claim the nobility of the political act: to take responsibility as members of one human family for the well-being of all.

For Pope Francis, three dimensions characterize the political life we ​​need. First, politics must be shaped by social and political charity while promoting social charity and inclusiveness, trusting “in the stores of goodness that lie in human hearts”. Second, politics should promote political love. Third, the policy must be successful and produce results.

In this context, Bishop Scicluna said that he considered these words as an encouragement for us to overcome the tribal mentality.

“You and us, them and us – we can’t accomplish this in a day. I hope it will be accomplished in a century, but all of us, including myself, need to work on it in our daily lives here and now,” he said.

Bishop Scicluna recalled that in Fratelli Tutti, Pope Francis said, “For many people today, politics is an unpleasant word, often due to the errors, corruption and inefficiency of certain politicians. There are also attempts to discredit politics, to replace it with economics or to divert it to one ideology or another. But can our world function without politics? Can there be an effective process of growth towards universal brotherhood and social peace without a healthy political life?

“We need politics and political parties made up of people who are determined to act,” Bishop Scicluna said.

“At the start of this legislature, I hope and pray that, through your commitment and dedication, Malta can continue to develop in an environment where we truly show respect and freedom, where we learn to live side by side despite our differences, and where our progress can truly be the promotion of the common good,” he concluded.

The official opening of Parliament, as the ceremony is called, was preceded by the celebration of Mass – known as the Mass of the Holy Spirit. This serves as a prayer for those who govern the country and the deputies. It is also a prayer for peace and religious freedom.


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