Government geographers honored at Royal Geographical Society’s annual awards 2021


David Wood, head of the geography profession said:

On December 1, 2021, the The Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) held its annual awards ceremony a society-friendly event and geographers from around the world join us online.

It was fantastic to be back at the Society to see leading geographers from all aspects of our discipline receive their awards for 2020 and 2021, which were presented by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Patron of the society.

The Government Profession of Geography also held its annual GGP Awards ceremony last year, where we presented the winners of our individual categories. It was an opportunity for the big winners of the Geography government prize of the last two years to receive their trophy! It was great spending time with our winners and seeing them get the recognition they deserved from our wider community, it really highlighted the important work we do and how we apply the best aspects of our discipline in the design and implementation of government policy. .

Congratulations again to the following nominees in each category:

Advancing Geospatial Data Science
Data Science Campus, Office for National Statistics, for a project titled “Estimating Vehicle and Pedestrian Activity from City and Town Traffic Cameras”

Contribution to the profession
Christine Walton, UK Hydrographic Office, for her long 36 year career with the UK Hydrographic Office spanning a variety of roles.

Excellence in geo-visualization & cartography
The OS API team, Ordnance Survey, who in 2020 OS designed and developed a new mapping API suite that has revolutionized the way our public and private sector customers access and use Ordnance Survey data.

Excellence in local government
TAME (Technical Assurance, Modeling and Economics Team) and Strategy Team, Transport for the North, who worked to develop an innovative approach to future travel scenarios to help understand, navigate and respond to uncertainties transportation.

Policy impact
Benchmark Team, Geovation – Propositions and Innovation – Ordnance Survey who raised awareness of the potential risks of using location data to identify ethical principles and promote good practice.

Operational delivery
Ecosystems Analysis Team and Digital & Data Solutions Team, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, for their work on the Copernicus User Uptake (UK Action) project which addressed the large increase in the amount of environmental data derived from satellites, notably through the program Copernicus space.

Excellence in Emergency Response
PHE GIS Team, Emergency Preparedness Division – Public Health England for their tremendous efforts throughout the Covid 19 response in which they worked 24/7 and ensured a response supported by solid geographic data, supported by various geographic tools.

However, I would like to give specific recognition to the overall winner Government Geography Awards which was shared between Public Health England Team and Office for National Statistics Data Science Campus. Congratulation!

As well as seeing our GGP awards handed out, it was fantastic to see one of our Deputy Geography Directors – Claire Hadley – recognized for her lifelong contribution to our discipline when she received an Honorary Fellowship in recognition of her outstanding support to the Society and to Geography. Clare Hadley CGeog (GIS) is Policy and Engagement Manager at Ordnance Survey. Accredited in 2005, Clare was a final assessor for the Chartered Geographer program and is now a member of the Society’s Professional Advisory Group. Clare holds a degree in geography, a graduate degree in surveying, cartography and map production, and a master’s degree in geographic information systems. Clare is a Chartered Surveyor and Chartered Geographer.

It was also a great honor to be there to see Dr. Rita Gardner receives the Society’s highest honour, the Gold Medal approved by Her Majesty The Queen. Rita was Director of RGS-IBG when the profession of Government Geography was formed and has been a strong supporter of the profession and also provided me with personal support and guidance throughout the growth and establishment of the profession for which I will always be grateful. Rita was also on my interview panel when I applied for the position of Head of Profession, so it’s all her fault!

Annual Government Geography Profession Awards

We have now opened applications for our 2022 award, recognizing your contribution and impact in 2021! If you want the chance to be at this year’s ceremony, check out our categories and submit your entries by 11:55 p.m. on March 1!

These can be individual or team rewards. For team awards, we encourage applications from multi-disciplinary teams carrying out geographic projects where at least one member of the team belongs to the government geography profession.


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