First Look: An Autonomous Society, A Real Neighborhood Pub


As you walk through The Cedars neighborhood in South Dallas, you might notice that there’s plenty of living space, but not many places to commune outside of a few restaurants like Sandwich Hag and Baby Back Shak. . This is where Dean Weaver and his new brewery, Autonomous Society, come in.

Don’t make a mistake, Independent company is not your traditional bar. In fact, Weaver doesn’t use the word “bar” to describe his place. Instead, he prefers to call it a pub.

“A bar is a place where you could pick someone up,” Weaver says. “A pub is different. It’s a good neighborhood environment where people get to know each other. It’s meant to be a place where locals and strangers can have conversations and play darts or board games .

And all this despite the name of the pub, which was chosen to poke fun at what we have become as a society.

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Local craft beer on tap.

Chris Zimmerman

This new pub officially opened in mid-August, although Weaver started brewing around three decades ago. The space has a large open faucet room with tables and a window bar in addition to the main bar facing the faucets, with an overhead TV. It has a relaxed neighborhood vibe; sorry no green and pink instagram walls with bright neon message. Although a bright pink “Deanitude” sign (his signature word that has a good attitude) wouldn’t hurt anyone.

Autonomous offers over 20 cold pints from a list focused on local breweries and independent craft beer masters, including some from Weaver himself. Oak Highlands Brewery, Peticolas, Four Bullets, Manhattan Project Beer Company, TUPPS and Community all offer beers, with an interactive menu that shows the level of each cask.

Although he’s not against the IPA craze that fills most bars, Weaver is a man of malts. His favorite beers are traditional English-style ales, such as Imperial Reds, Pub Ales and Saisons. On the day of our visit, he had just tapped one of his own creations, a farm beer named Sassy Belma Lu. You could taste the grains and light esterie flavors reminiscent of pears or even rose petals, but he doesn’t rush towards the spices that accompany autumn beers. As the seasons change, the types of beers it offers will also change.

Sizes range from 4 ounce tasters (about $2 each) all the way up to 16 ounces (mostly $6.50). The most expensive beers on the menu are 12-ounce glasses of OHB’s Tipsy Goat, Temptress and Velvet Hammer for $7 each. This is neighborhood pricing.

Autonomous is rolling out a menu of small bites, like personal pizzas and pretzel bites.

Located a few DART stops south of the American Airlines Center, it’s a great place to grab a local beer for a lot less than at a Stars or Mavs game. If you find a seat at the bar, you’ll see a Dallas Stars jersey covered in signatures.

Weaver is big on personal interaction and fostering a sense of togetherness, and he hopes his new place achieves that.

“For the past few years it has been difficult to interact with people in person, but I hope to help build the community and provide a place where everyone can come and be themselves,” he said. “We need personal interaction, and a pub provides a place where you can do that. It turns strangers into friends.

Autonomous Society Brewpub, 1928 S. Akard St. 6-10 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 4 p.m. – 10 p.m. Friday; 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Saturday; 12 p.m. – 9 p.m. Sunday


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