Expansion of college football: Telling Notre Dame AD comment on conference membership


The biggest question that remains regarding the realignment and expansion of college football is whether Notre Dame will ultimately decide to join a conference.

Listening to Irish sporting director Jack Swarbrick speak, it sounds like the school is happy where it is – and believes it can stay there.

“I could argue that our independence has never been more precious than it is right now,” Swarbrick said, via On3’s Ivan Maisel.

The fate of Notre Dame has been a major talking point around the latest phase of college football expansion which has seen USC and UCLA announce they will join the Big Ten in 2024.

The move seemed to indicate that the economics of sports might require high-profile programs to join a conference in order to get a share of TV’s lucrative money.

But Notre Dame was able to maintain its independence thanks to three key facts, as Swarbrick said earlier this summer: 1) the school’s deal with NBC, 2) access to the football season and playoffs. university, and 3) an “adverse financial crisis”. result.”

At present, Swarbrick and Notre Dame do not see any of these becoming a problem.

Not that they don’t like being the subject of these rumours.

“If you have two conferences going their separate ways, but we get mentioned with them a lot, that’s fine,” Swarbrick said.

“There were times when people thought they were giving [independence] was inevitable. I don’t understand this feeling right now.

That doesn’t mean the Big Ten won’t be keeping tabs on things in South Bend in the future, just in case.

(h/t On3 Sports)

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