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JEDDAH: The Anti-Corruption and Monitoring Authority, known as Nazaha, said it had arrested a number of citizens and residents on corruption charges, adding that legal proceedings against the suspects were ongoing .

In a statement, Nazaha said a government company executive was arrested for abusing his power for personal gain.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, Nazaha also ordered the arrest of a brigadier for receiving SR450,000 ($120,000) from a company in exchange for facilitating his contract procedures with the ministry. The owner and CEO of the company, Arab nationals, were also arrested.

The brigadier, Nazaha added, had received SR12,000 from a resident on the promise to issue necessary permits for the resident to perform Hajj.

The serviceman was also accused of granting false approval to a hotel to host a special occasion and participating in the illegal transfer of land ownership in exchange for SR12.5 million. Two national mediators and two employees of the Ministry of Justice were also arrested.

Nazaha also arrested a former Land and Property Department employee who acted as a municipal representative, falsifying and transferring deeds of four residential properties to commercial land with a market value of SR10 million.

In another case, Nazaha said a municipal employee was arrested for demanding SR 1.5 million from a woman in return for illegally completing land expropriation procedures, as well as asking SR 50,000 to a citizen for illegally issuing housing documents.

Among the others arrested was a resident who was caught paying SR20,000, on a promise of SR180,000, in return for issuing 30 certificates of qualification for operating heavy machinery involved in the oil and gas industry.

The anti-corruption authority also arrested a retired employee of the company for receiving SR180,000 from another company in exchange for renewing the company’s contract, paying his dues and ignoring violations. contracts.

Nazaha also arrested an officer from the General Directorate of Civil Defense for giving misleading information about the SR160,000 he had lent and providing false receipts for arrears.

A resident was arrested for receiving a deposit of SR20,000, on a promise of SR100,000, in return for illegally carrying out a housing finance transaction for a citizen.

Another case in the bribery raid involved three citizens who paid bribes of SR64,000 for illegally adding members to their family register, claiming they were their children.

In his statement, Nazaha added that two citizens, working for a municipality (in an unspecified region) as well as two residents, who acted as mediators, were all arrested for receiving money, ranging from 250 SR to SR 10,000, in exchange for finalizing illegal licensing procedures for commercial stores.

Other cases reported by Nazaha include the arrest of a municipality employee who demanded SR5,000 to deliver seized machinery, a security guard who received SR5,000 from a resident in return for not deportation of her son and a police officer who issued an erroneous criminal record of her brother, who was also arrested.

Also among the arrests was an employee of a school administration, whom Nazaha accuses of illegally employing his daughters-in-law. Two residents working at a contracting company with the Saudi Electricity Co. were also arrested for helping some subscribers cause their electric meters to give inaccurate energy consumption readings.

At the end of her statement, Nazaha reaffirmed that she would continue to prosecute anyone who exploits public office for personal gain or harms the public interest in any way and that liability extends far beyond of individual retirement.

The anti-corruption authority added that such crimes have no statute of limitations. “The authority will continue to enforce the law, with zero tolerance against corruption,” Nazaha said in its statement.


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