Closing of the Fana conference


The General Assembly of the Federation of Arab News Agencies (Fana), hosted by the capital Riyadh for two days, concluded the meetings of its 48th Conference on Wednesday. Qatar News Agency (QNA) Director General Ahmed Said Jaber al-Rumaihi represented Qatar at the conference.

The managers of the member agencies of Fana affirmed the pursuit of a work and a development in step with the evolution of times, in particular in the field of the media, where a committee was set up to develop Fana and allow it to put implement the activities to be decided each year by the General Assembly under the presidency of Palestine and the composition of the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Qatar, Libya and Lebanon.
The General Assembly discussed a proposal regarding global platforms handling content published by Arab news agencies through these platforms and their interference in blocking some of what is published by the agencies, including especially with regard to the just Palestinian cause. It was agreed to prepare a memorandum in this regard and send it to the Arab League Media Department for submission to Arab media ministers at the 52nd session, which is expected to be held in the middle of the year. in progress 2022..
Topics of cooperation between Fana and the Arab League Media Department were also discussed, in addition to the need to qualitatively intensify the exchange of information with non-Arab countries and institutions, and to participate in World Council meetings. news agencies (NACO), and the need to organize a symposium on the future of Arab news agencies, the elements of continuity and quality challenges, and cooperation with the College of Economics and Political Science of the University of London to prepare a study on the future of Arab national news agencies.
In the area of ​​training for press agency employees, it has been agreed to organize several training workshops for editors and photographers from member agencies. The General Assembly of Fana also highlighted the need to focus on the practical aspects of these courses and to organize specialized courses to develop current skills as well as other courses related to senior managers of agencies to enable them to know what is happening on the ground. technological progress and information technology.
The General Assembly appreciated the role played by the General Secretariat in the international forums of news agencies, in addition to the role played by the General Secretariat of Fana in the international conferences of press agencies held since 2005. It also approved the continuation of the work for the following year on the economic file (Le Bulletin économique consolidée), the cultural file, the health file and the reports of the women’s media service, in addition to the discussion of their development by the committee formed by the General Assembly of Fana.
Regarding technical matters and updating the website (Fana News), the General Assembly decided to revert to the method whereby Arab agencies disseminate their information daily or a certain number of them on the website in using the technical means available, which will contribute to the development of the website. The Fana General Assembly also approved the Federation’s budget for 2022 and the holding of the 49th session of the General Assembly Conference in Abu Dhabi in conjunction with the convening of the World Congress from November 15 to 17, 2022.


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