Australia has record number of cases, but maintains economic openness


Australia reported a record high of nearly 40,000 Covid-19 infections on Monday (3), but Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said he will stick to his plan to reopen the economy.

“We have changed gears. We manage differently so that we can live with the virus. People can continue to work, children can go to school when school resumes. People can keep their businesses open. and can earn a living. Morrison said copy New network television,

The region of New South Wales, the most populous and hardest hit by the micron variant, has recorded 20,794 infections, and neighboring Victoria, the second most populous, has today registered 8,577 cases.

New South Wales recorded a total of 1,204 hospitalizations on Monday, the highest since September 23, while health officials in Victoria have asked people to call for emergency services only in ‘absolutely’ cases. required”.

The Morrison administration – which changed the definition of close contact last weekend, promotes the use of home testing and has pledged to give a booster vaccine – for refusing to subsidize testing or provide any other financial support. There are strong criticisms, as at the beginning, of the pandemic.

“We changed gears with Micron. Tests, isolation, everything has changed because Micron, as we know it now, is 75% less virulent and less severe than the Delta version. He adds: “If you have just been admitted to the hospital, it is because you have not been vaccinated or because you have a delta and not a micron.

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