Announcing the Year of Data and Society projects | University time


The first round of projects funded under the Year of Data and Society has been announced.

This year’s theme builds on the Data Science Task Force report released last year and provides a platform for launching some of its core recommendations for working towards a leadership position at the confluence of responsible data science.

Find more information on the funded projects here:

Cultivate critical data skills for teaching and learning by doing: Veena Vasudevan, Assistant Professor of Digital Media and Learning, and Tinukwa Boulder, Associate Professor of Practice and Director of Innovative Technologies and Online Learning, both at the School of Education

Data and Information Fairness in Homewood: Elise Silva, teaching assistant in the composition department, and Khirsten L. Scott, assistant professor and founder of HYPE Media, both in the English department, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences

Develop a data science program for social justice at Pitt: Sera Linardi, associate professor of economics at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs; Robert Gradeck, University Center for Social and Urban Research; Ron Idoko, Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Brett Say, Pitt Honors College

Enrich citizen science data using context, feedback and community-based communication: Abhishek Viswanathan, Ph.D. student; Amy Babay, assistant professor; and Rosta Farzan, Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, all at the School of Computing and Information

Explore the Churchill Valley Greenway through visual and scientific data collection: Sarah Moore, Guest Lecturer, Department of Film and Media Studies, and Patrick Shirey, Assistant Professor, Department of Geology and Environmental Sciences, both at the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences

Forbes Hacks: Hayden Feddock and Samil Paul, both students at Forbes Hall Engineering LLC

Infusing Data Science into Health Humanities and Humanities into Data Science: Ethical Use, Social Implications, and Educational Impact: Michael Deem, Visiting Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public Health; Stephanie Eckstrom, Master of Social Work Coordinator, Pitt-Bradford; Bridget Keown, Lecturer, Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies Program; Jane Liebschutz, Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine; Kathy Mayle, Dean of Nursing, Community College of Allegheny County; Jonathan Perlman, UPMC Institute for Palliative and Supportive Care; and Susan Wieczorek, Associate Professor, Communication, Pitt-Johnstown

Latinx Data: Historical Advocacy for Civil Rights and Contemporary Intersectional Perspectives: Lisa Ortiz, assistant professor, and Gina Garcia, associate professor, School of Education; Michele Reid-Vazquez, associate professor, Department of African Studies; and Ron Idoko, Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Responsible use of learning analytics: challenges and opportunities: Marcia Rapchak, Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Computer Science and Information; Amanda Brodish, Associate Vice-President, Data Analytics; Robert Ackerman and John Radzilowicz, Center for Teaching and Learning

Understanding data, digital culture and disinformation: Community outreach to strengthen media literacy and democratic resilience in the Monongahela River Valley: Jennifer Ghilani, Associate Professor of Communication, Pitt – Greensburg, and Lara Putnam, UCIS Research Professor, History, Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences ; the two academics affiliated with the Pitt Disinformation Lab

The deadline for the next funding round is December 1. Applications must be submitted via the Competition Area. See the Year of Data and Society website for more details.


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