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“मैं लौट जाना चाहती हूँ
की उन गलियों में,
से कविताएँ गुज़रती हैं,
कहानियों की गलबहियाँ डाले।

As a wife, writer and working mother, Alka Sinha donned many hats. She is a well known and established name in contemporary Hindi writing. Throughout his journey, one thing has been a constant companion: his writing. “Since I was a child, I wrote down my experiences every day. Even now, my favorite time of day is when I write in my journal. This is how I started to write. “

Alka Sinha has always found writing to be a much better way to express feelings and opinions than spoken words. Her writing is born from the feelings evoked in her by playing the role of a worker, a wife, a mother and a writer. Playing all of these roles came with its own set of challenges. She shared an incident with us: “Whenever I was a little upset or tense with my job, or tired of doing this balancing act, my oldest daughter would always tell me, Mom, ‘Learn to navigate the boat; don’t change boats. “

As a writer, she also responded to the social environment around her. Human trafficking, issues of working women, uprooting of tribal women and male-female relationships are some of the things that inspired the writer in her to write poems, short stories and novels.

When she talks about her literary inspirations, Kamleshwar is the first name she invents. “I grew up listening to Kamleshwar on Doordarshan. The way he spoke and conducted his shows deeply affected me. Later I got to know him personally too. He liked my writing and encouraged me to continue in the same way. path. ” She also counts the writings of poet Devendra Issar and novelist Chitra Mudgal as those that inspired her writing.

Born in Bhagalpur (Bihar), Alka Sinha (57), resident of Guru Apartment, Dwarka, obtained a master’s degree in economics as well as an MBA. She received a silver medal in the translation training course organized by the Central Translation Bureau of the Ministry of the Interior.

For the expression of ideas, she started writing her poems and stories as early as her college days. His stories and poems were broadcast on television on Doordarshan and All India Radio.

Alka’s writing is inspired by the various experiences drawn from her rich professional career.

“After the marriage my husband asked me to be a full time announcer for All India Radio. I started as a Hindi announcer for the Outreach Division, All Indian Radio.

The list of her accomplishments includes the successful operation of a special series of Delhi Doordarshan literary programs, her work as a Hindi presenter in the foreign broadcast service of AIR, and her vivid style of reciting the Day of the Day parade. the Republic. This won him the admiration of many eminent Hindi literati.

She was the host of the exclusive “Patrika” literary series broadcast on DD National. She has the particularity of commenting on radio and television programs of national importance and commenting live on the Republic Day parade in Rajpath for thirteen years.

Speaking to Cityspidey Alka Sinha, he said: “After the birth of my first daughter in 1991, I started working in the airline safety department of the Indian airline. I was with them for 7 years and it was a whole new experience and a roller coaster ride for me.

She added, “While I was working for the Aviation Safety Department. I have always struggled to give my daughters time. But throughout my work, my husband supported me. Also, it gave me an idea to start writing about all my experiences with my work in my book “Surakshit Pankhon Ki Udaan”.

His spirit of never dying and his humanity are evident in his writings, which are sensitive accounts of ordinary life.

Among his collections of poetry, his first published book was “Kaal Ki Kokh Se”. and apart from that “Main Hi To Hoon Yeh”, “Teri Roshanai Hona Chahti Hoon”; The story collections include ‘Surakshit Pankhon Ki Udaan’, ‘Mujhse Kaisa Neh’ and the storybook ‘Khali Kursi’ published under the Navsakshar Sahityamala of the National Book Trust.

As a writer, Alka Sinha always believes in bringing out that part of life that society doesn’t appreciate.

Whether it’s the novel “G-Male Express” or the “Techno Literary” stories centered on male prostitutes, she has always tried to create inclusion through her writing. She even received the Kamleshwar Kathabimb Prize for Best Story for “Dhinadhin Dhin”, a poignant play written on the subject of human trafficking.

Alka Sinha even received Srijan Lok Kriti Samman for her novel ‘G-Male Express’; Collection of poems on “Main Hi To Hoon Ye”, a literary work of the Hindi Academy and the Delhi government. Numerous prizes and distinctions have been awarded for literature. She is also an expert with the Hindi Writer Awards program of the Central Directorate of Hindi, Ministry of Human Resources Development and Sahitya Akademi, Ministry of Culture.

Even during the time of Covid-19, Alka made the most of her time and started ‘Kavi Goshthi’ along with 5 other writers and poets. These compositions are contained in 25 episodes on YouTube under the name ‘Faslon ke Darmiyan’

Alka’s writing emerges so beautifully that it becomes an immersive experience for the writer. In her journey, and through the years to come, Alka wants to lay the foundations of a beautiful society in reality through her stories.

“मेरी तमाम परेशानियों, के विष को
कंठस्थ कर लेने वाली नीलकंठ क़लम
मुझे रचने का सौंदर्य दे
कि मैं स्याही से लिख सकूँ
दुनिया के सफ़ेद अक्षर ।.


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